Labour Leader: On Why Drug Barons’ Children Are Not Drug Addicts.

Drug Barons mostly operate under disguise,using other business interests to cover the ” big illicit trade” while their children are also vehemently protected against the destructive impact of drug abuse. The First Female National President,Association of Senior Staff of Banks, Insurance and Financial Institutions, (ASSBIFI) ,Comrade Oyinkan Olasanoye made the submission in a chat with Action Now Against Drug Abuse.

Comrade Olasanoye who interacts a lot with the youth by virtue of her position as a foremost Labour leader ,said research and experience has shown that the ” rich drug merchants use the proceeds of drugs to train their children,give them best exposures in life,while sadly,luring other people’s children to be hooked on drugs”.

Oyinkan Olasanoye on drug merchants.

Olasanoye who is also the immediate former Deputy President of the Trade Union Congress,TUC pleaded with the Nigerian youth to shun all forms of drug abuse and trafficking,which can only derail them as the future leaders of Nigeria.

According to her,”the race to acquire wealth does not necessarily translates to great values in life” She wants the Youth to be in the Vanguard of Nation Building, and not Drug Trafficking and Abuse .

Drug Trafficking is not the measurement of wealth.

While commending the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA for living up to expectations in the Anti- Drug War,the Labour leader called on parents,especially mothers in particular to be more vigilant of the activities of their children.

She stressed the need for children to be actively involved in movements like the Girls Guide, Boys Scouts,which will help to tune their minds to nation building and constructive tendencies.

Anti drug war is for all.

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