Okotie on New Nigeria:Proposes Reconstruction & Reconciliation.

Former Presidential Candidate and Restructuring Exponent,Rev Chris Okotie,has broken his silence over the just concluded 2023 Polls,insisting that a New Nigeria is possible with a new Constitution in line with his earlier calls. In a Press Statement by his Media Adviser,Ladi Ayodeji the Reformation according to Okotie anchored on four major components: Reconciliation, Reconstruction, SolidarityContinue reading “Okotie on New Nigeria:Proposes Reconstruction & Reconciliation.”

Buhari Vs Tinubu: Cross Fire Over New Naira Notes&Fuel Scarcity.

Watch The Videos : Tinubu- ” The New Naira Notes and the Fuel Scarcity are calculated attempts to derail the election.But, whether they like it or not we shall succeed” Buhari- ” I will not allow anyone to mobilize resources to influence Nigerians and derail the elections.  I need to leave a good electioneering policyContinue reading “Buhari Vs Tinubu: Cross Fire Over New Naira Notes&Fuel Scarcity.”