PDP Governors Scare Peter Obi

Presidential candidate of the People‚Äôs Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, says Peter Obi left the PDP out of fear of the Governors. Speaking in Abuja on Thursday, Atiku traced the development to the internal power struggles that happened before the PDP primaries in May 2022, saying the demands of the PDP governors scared Obi andContinue reading “PDP Governors Scare Peter Obi”

Video:Peter Obi Speaks..You Cannot Build Peace On a Faulty Foundation!

The Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party,Peter Obi speaking for the first time after the Saturday Presidential and National Assembly Elections has described the conduct of the election as sub- standard,especially coming from a democratic nation like Nigeria which prides herself as the ” giant of Africa” Peter Obi who spoke at a World PressContinue reading “Video:Peter Obi Speaks..You Cannot Build Peace On a Faulty Foundation!”

Video:EFCC Storms Tinubu’s Polling Unit !

EFCC Officials early on Saturday morning stormed the Ikeja Polling Unit of the Presidential Candidate of APC. Similarly,reports abound across the Federation of the presence of EFCC at various Polling units. This is coming on the heels of arrest of a House of Representatives lawmakers on Friday in Rivers State who was found with almostContinue reading “Video:EFCC Storms Tinubu’s Polling Unit !”

Buhari Vs Tinubu: Cross Fire Over New Naira Notes&Fuel Scarcity.

Watch The Videos : Tinubu- ” The New Naira Notes and the Fuel Scarcity are calculated attempts to derail the election.But, whether they like it or not we shall succeed” Buhari- ” I will not allow anyone to mobilize resources to influence Nigerians and derail the elections.  I need to leave a good electioneering policyContinue reading “Buhari Vs Tinubu: Cross Fire Over New Naira Notes&Fuel Scarcity.”