Depression: Watch It !

News filtered in on Monday,May 30,2022 in Nigeria of the death of 47-year-old Miss Afolake Abiola, an accountant with Globacom Limited, who committed suicide by drinking a pesticide. Then came in another news of suicide attempt on Wednesday, June 1 of yet-to-be identified man ,who was on the brink of committing suicide at the LagosContinue reading “Depression: Watch It !”

Lonelines: #IveBeenThere. ..Check Out Help Tips.

You want to fight loneliness and have a sound mind? Consider the following points: Get More Sleep. …Distance Yourself From Toxic People. …Express Gratitude For Close Friends. …Find A Creative Outlet. …Book A Therapy Appointment. …Take Up Meditation. …Keep A Gratitude List. It’s the International Mental Health Week, May 9- 15, and the focus isContinue reading “Lonelines: #IveBeenThere. ..Check Out Help Tips.”