Okotie on New Nigeria:Proposes Reconstruction & Reconciliation.

Former Presidential Candidate and Restructuring Exponent,Rev Chris Okotie,has broken his silence over the just concluded 2023 Polls,insisting that a New Nigeria is possible with a new Constitution in line with his earlier calls.

In a Press Statement by his Media Adviser,Ladi Ayodeji the Reformation according to Okotie anchored on four major components: Reconciliation, Reconstruction, Solidarity and a new foundation for development.

He explained the proposition in greater detail in a tweet:’It is time for Reconciliation;it is time for Reconstruction,it is time to join hands in solidarity,it is time to lay the foundation for posterity,it is time for (The Okotie Option) TOKO . The Reformation of Nigeria is now!’

Okotie lamented that his warning that the country should be restructured before the election was to avoid post election crisis and create the right atmosphere for a peaceful development of Nigeria.

While promising that the TOKO campaign would continue,he urged Nigerians to take part in the National Dialogue he is promoting to engender equity, peace and prosperity of Nigeria.

Rev Okotie asked the political gladiators to sheath their sword and come to the Round table to fashion out how to restructure the country.


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