Faces Of UK Female Guards In Sex Scandal With Inmates..Govt Fires 18 Of Them!

Eighteen female guards and staffers from a single jail have been sacked at the UK’s largest prison, HMP Berwyn, a privately-run jail in Wrexham, North Wales, after it was discovered they were engaging in hookups and other steamy relationships with inmates.

The illicit activities at HMP Berwyn, UK’s largest privately-run male prison, date back to when the facility opened in 2017 and have even resulted in three women facing jail time

The 18 women caught up in the steamy scandal at the 2,000 capacity facility were either operational staff or working there from partner organisations like rehabilitation.

The chair of the Prison Officers’ Association insisted the sexual encounters were because the ‘wrong kind of women’ were being hired.

One smitten guard, Jennifer Gavan, accepted £150 money to smuggle a phone to a robber that was later used to help the pair exchange intimate snaps of each other.

The 27-year-old officer pleaded guilty to misconduct and was slapped with eight months behind bars last year.

Guard Emily Watson had sex with a drug dealer, John McGee, who was in the prison for causing death by dangerous driving.

The court, Mould Crown Court, in the UK, heard how she spent so much time with McGee that staff became suspicious and launched an investigation.

They had been alone together in his cell on three occasions when she performed a sex act on him twice and had intercourse once.

And probation officer Ayshea Gunn had a rendezvous with an armed robber with the two also swapping “highly sexualised” pics and videos.

She was jailed for one year after having a fling with ‘dangerous’ 29-year-old inmate Khuram Razaq.

Gunn, a criminology and psychology graduat, made numerous sexual phone calls to Razaq while he was serving a 12-year sentence for conspiracy to rob and smuggled in a pair of her knickers inside her bra for the prisoner.

A search of her bedroom revealed photos of the pair kissing and hugging while in his cell

Both Watson and Gunn were sentenced to prison.

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