Buhari- Emefiele Romance Heading For The Rocks?

The Governor of Central Bank, Godwin Emefiele no doubt became a prominent and frequent visitor to the Seat of Power in Aso- Rock,Abuja in the wake of the Naira Redesign Policy.

In the heat of the New Naira Notes crisis,Emefiele continued to have the ears of  Aso Rock,despite the alleged attempts of the Department of State Services to link  Emefiele to terrorism sponsorship.

The campaigns  and knocks against Emefiele from the Governors did not also succeed in creating a storm for the CBN Governor in Aso- Rock.

As a matter of fact ,President Muhammadu Buhari came out on a National Broadcast to commend the CBN Naira Design,which was more or less seen as a pass mark for Emefiele. This came at a time when the Supreme Court injunction to maintain status quo on the phase out of the old naira was ignored by the CBN.

It appears the relationship is however beginning to nosedive when On Monday,March 13,2023 the Presidency issued a statement denouncing Emefiele’s refusal to obey the ruling of the Supreme Court on the Naira Redesign policy.

A statement from the seat of Power said Buhari has never encouraged the CBN Governor not to roll out the old notes of 200, 500 and 1000 as legal tender! Some political watchers have said the statement by the Presidency must have been gingered by the 7- day notice of strike by the Nigeria Labour Congress,NLC.

Time will tell where the Buhari-Emefiele’s relationship is heading to !


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