Check Out Why You Need to Loose That Weight Fast!!!

Obesity,which is accumulation of excessive fats puts people at a higher risk for serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Obesity is also associated with social and psychological problems, including low self-esteem, low social competence, lack of adaptation, social isolation, unemployment, low socioeconomic status, and poor quality of life.  

Reports also have it that the stigma of OBESITY has pushed many to indulge in drug abuse as an escape route! Stop the stigma today, LETS TALK ABOUT OBESITY!

Take practical steps to loose weight. Like exercises, watch your diet, be deliberate in observing controlled diet.

Don’t embrace drug abuse, it’s not the solution!!! March 4 is set aside globally to discuss issues relating to obesity and help those living with the conditions to take practical steps to enjoy good life.

Help, and please do not stigmatise those living with Obedity. WORLD OBESITY DAY: ‘Changing Perspectives: Let’s Talk About Obesity’. This message is from Action Now Against Drug Abuse.


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