Get Your Child Off Drug Abuse: Checkout The Tips.

Increasing number of school children and youths are daily falling victims of drug abuse in Nigeria. Effectively, between 20%-40% of drug abuse are reported among students and youths in Nigeria where about 15million of the population are said to be hooked on drug abuse according to the statistics pushed out by the country’s anti- narcotics agency, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency ( NDLEA).

This calls for concerted efforts to stem the tide, parents and guardians in particular need to be more vigilant to save their loved ones from the devastating effects of drug abuse which include: *gradual shutdown of vital organs, loss of appetite or excessive consumption of food depending on the substance being abused, vision impairment, depression and suicide in extreme cases.

The following points can help parents and guardians help their loved ones to keep off drugs : * Create Awareness on the Dangers of Drug Abuse. *Know their friends, activities and whereabouts . * Play up Pictures of Victims of Drug Abuse.

*Introduce your children to sports and outdoor activities- Playing sports releases hormones to make the body feel good. * Introduce them early enough to hobbies like reading, painting, or Learning new Languages. *Be involved in Volunteer Works in the Community.

* Get them to avoid illicit drugs like Plague. * Play up the graphical implication of drugs not prescribed by a medical Doctor. * You can also play up questions like: why do you want to be on drugs, when you’re not sick?, or why do you want to be on drugs for the rest of your life?

*Let your children know that it is preferable not to touch psychoactive substances at all, because when you touch, you want to test it, from testing, it goes on to addiction! The golden rule is: dont take, dont smell, dont touch, !

* Be your children’s best friend, have a listening ear!

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