Light At The End of The TunnelšŸ’„

In an overwhelming darkness,look carefully,look beyond for that ray of light. In that storm of life,be patient,peace is just around the corner.

Many are weighed down by myriad of problems, life becoming hopeless,and it appears no solution and no hope in sight.

Stop looking at the big,overwhelming darkness,just look beyond,focus straight,there is a tiny light! Focus more on that tiny light,therein lies your hope,and rejuvenation of joyšŸ˜…

It is not over until it is over,only you can make it to be over. Be patient, look beyond the big problem,there is life and hope in that tiny ray of light. Drug Abuse,hasty decisions are never and would never be the solution. Look beyond,help is here,after rain comes sunshine. Much love from Action Now Against Drug Abuseā¤

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