Earth Day : Bond With Nature.

November 10 is #calltoearthday . Its a call to action to spend the day enjoying the earth and rekindling your relationship with nature. Its a call to connect with and care about nature. Living in harmony with nature is very important and crucial to your well being.

Being at peace with your environment is a booster and a wonderful immune package to your health. A visit to the zoo, a train ride enjoying the spread of nature, a visit to water falls, parks or taking to gardening is bound to connect you to nature. Its also a gateway to a world of wonderful inspirations and inner peace.

Some people looking for peace and inspiration often erroneously take to psychoactive drugs. these hard drugs only provide an illusion of peace and inspiration, affecting mental processes, perception, mood and emotions. Not only that, one is left unsatisfied always craving for more intake of these drugs, while the great damage is to one’s mental health , leaving the users in an unbalanced and mentally derailment state !

Action Now Against Drug Abuse is urging you to take a wise decision today; connect wih nature and live in harmony with your environment. Join the band wagon of #calltoearthday . Go Green, Go fresh, Go the Nature way.

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