Women Now Hold Drug Parties: Women Council,NCWS Cries Out.

“It’s unfortunate that women now hold drug parties where each one brings her own illicit drug and from the collection, they produce a cocktail of illicit substances to get high”

That was the scary picture of the growing involvement in drug abuse by women and young ladies as painted by the President of the National Council of Women Societies in Nigeria, Dr. Gloria Laraba Shoda.

Dr. Shoda who led the national officers of the Council to the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) headquarters in Abuja said the visit was to collaborate with NDLEA on how to rescue women from drug abuse. “At the NCWS, we are worried by this and that’s why we have come to seek partnership with NDLEA”.

She described as disturbing the prevalence of drug abuse among the female gender in the country. The Women leader pleaded with the Chairman of NDLEA, Brg. Gen Buba Marwa(Retired) for an urgent partnership with the agency to salvage the sad development.

In his response, Gen. Marwa noted that NCWS is central to the ongoing drug demand reduction and drug supply control efforts in Nigeria. “I’m happy you have structures down to the local governments and communities because we have almost 15 million drug users and one in four is a woman. Women are central to the home and whatever they do have consequences on the entire family structure.
“We have been sweeping the drugs off our streets as much as we can but we need to face the demand end, hence the need for collaboration with the NCWS”, the NDLEA boss stated.

He assured that the Agency would intensify its advocacy for drug test in schools as part of deterrence measures. “You have to support drug test for our university students and intending couples. If prospective suitors know drug test will be a condition for marriage, they will abstain from drug use”, he added.

Gen. Marwa also urged the NCWS to join the campaign against the bid to legalise cannabis in the country. “You have to join the movement against those pushing for legalisation of cannabis otherwise we may be building more rehabilitation centres than hospitals. Women are the power of the nation, as such you must never allow this legalisation move”.

3 thoughts on “Women Now Hold Drug Parties: Women Council,NCWS Cries Out.

  1. It’s very unfortunate and worrisome.
    Collaboration move with NDLEA is a welcome development. Kudos to the DG. CSOs and other stakeholders should join force in the fight, as it is not an easy task.

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    1. Thanks Jusina for your comments . we share in your thought. We all need to join hands to clip the wings of drug abuse.


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