UNGA: Nigeria Celebrates Interception of 74.119kg Drugs Meant For Insurgents… Ready For Showdown With Barons.

The Nigerian Government has been celebrating its large seizure of drugs meant to fuel insurgency.

The Chairman/CEO of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Retired Brig-Gen Buba Marwa disclosed to the international community at the on-going 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly, UNGA ,in New York that Nigeria is proud to celebrate her “first seizure of 74.119kg of Captagon brand of Amphetamine, presumably destined for use, to fuel insurgency and other violent crimes and criminalities, which the country is currently grappling with.” 

Within the first eight months of 2021,the country, through consistent targeting of Drug Trafficking Organizations by NDLEA , the country was also able to track down 8, 634 suspected drug traffickers and made seizure of over 100 billion Naira in cash and drugs.

Marwa assured the International Community of the determination of NDLEA to further pursue and go after the assets of drug barons and traffickers in any part of the country. He said, “Nigeria will remain undaunted in adopting dynamic strategies to counter new approaches adopted by organized criminals, in order to make drug trafficking unattractive.

The NDLEA Boss however noted that one of the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic was the proliferation of On-Line sale of drug cookies and use of courier services to move illicit drugs. Through intelligence gathering, the NDLEA was however able to intercept, trace and dismantle most of the drug cells involved.

In his closing remarks Marwa thanked the International Partners for their commitment to anti-drug war in Nigeria, while affirming that the Nigerian Government has exhibited political will by demonstrating high commitment to the protection of public health and safety with the launch of the War Against Drug Abuse (WADA) campaign.

2 thoughts on “UNGA: Nigeria Celebrates Interception of 74.119kg Drugs Meant For Insurgents… Ready For Showdown With Barons.

  1. What a welcome development.
    But if Nigeria must be free from illicit drug trafficking, let all sundry come together to fight it.
    If we want only the government to keep fighting it, then, it will take us more than necessary to overcome it.
    May God help Nigeria, May God help our leaders

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