Hard Drugs Hidden Inside Shoe Soles For Trafficking Bursted By NDLEA

In a swift operation,the operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency,NDLEA, has exposed the latest smart move by drug traffickers to export hard drugs out of Nigeria.

More than 5kilograms of Methamphetamine and Cannabis concealed in soles of ladies shoes, body cream and auto spare parts heading to Australia, Pakistan, South Korea, and Hong Kong have been intercepted in four courier firms in Lagos by narcotic officers in the Directorate of Operation and General Investigations, DOGI, of the NDLEA.

The operation followed weeks of district surveillance .

Similarly,the operatives also dismantled drug joints in Lagos, Oyo and Kwara States. About 110 suspects were arrested and various hard drugs like cannabis, cocaine and methamphetamine were recovered from them.

In his reaction, Chairman/Chief Executive of NDLEA, Brig. Gen. Mohamed Buba Marwa (Retd) commended the officers and men of the Agency for taking the battle to the doorsteps of the drug cartels within the communities and in the forests.

He said their contributions towards saving the lives of innocent youths; women and adults from the merchants of death would never be forgotten. He charged them to remain resilient as they continue with the offensive action against the narco-syndicates.

Spokesman of the Agency,Femi Babafemi said the suspects are to be charged to court immediately.

2 thoughts on “Hard Drugs Hidden Inside Shoe Soles For Trafficking Bursted By NDLEA

  1. Some times, it is unemployment that makes people to misbehave.
    When people try all they could and no result, they become frustrated. It is now get rich or die trying.
    If it is sure that when you do the right thing, success is certain, people will not go into crime.
    In the olden days, once you are a graduate, ladies will marry you because they know your future is guaranteed.
    But this days, the government will compare with some exceptional people who had the favour of God and establish and employ people. Every body can not be exceptional.
    Sometimes you need experience and earmarked capital before you can establish your own business.
    The government should stop pushing her responsibilities to the citizens. They should create enabling enabling environment for multinationals and individuals who have the resources to establish businesses.
    By so doing, the youths will be employed and some of them will have the confidence to go into entrepreneurship.
    The economy is hard for businesses to thrive and you are telling the youths who has no capital to go into entrepreneurship.

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