We Need Test……90% Of Us Are Involved In Drug Abuse.

A cross-section of Nigerian Students have cried out against the devastating effects of drug abuse, affirming that over 90% of their peers are involved in drug abuse ! “On our campuses now consumption of psychoactive substances have become the order of the day” the students told Action Now Against Drug Abuse in a chat.The students want government as a matter of emergency to come and conduct drug tests to save their souls.

The students listed CAKES, CANDIES and DRINKS as being used as a decoy for consumption of illicit drugs on campus. The situation has become so bad that every bottle of soft drink or water , as well as cakes and candies you see with students are mostly mixed with one hard drug or the other. Some of the students also explained that night life has become a nightmare for them because of the uncontrolled smoking of Marijuana(cannabis) , which has turned a lot of innocent students to “passive smokers”

As a matter of fact Silas Adejumo, a student of a popular Private University declared that ” i am tired and frustrated of living on campus. If you ask the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, (NDLEA) to come and conduct drug tests now ,nearly 99% of us would fail the test because we are all consumed by the impact of drug abuse around us” The students enjoined NDLEA to quickly put in motion the process of drug tests in all tertiary institutions.

They listed the increasing crave for hard drugs to include : *Peer Pressure. * Escape from Challenges and Pressure of life, *Family Problems. *Lack of Confidence/Low Esteem, *Inspiration and Motivation and the love for Fake life and the crave for Living Big.

Reacting to the students S.O.S for drug tests, the spokesperson for NDLEA, Femi Babafemi said the Agency is aware of the devastating drug abuse situation in tertiary institutions as well as in secondary schools. He said the Agency is working with school authorities and Students Union Bodies across the federation to workout the modalities for the drug tests.

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