Mental Expert Speaks On Signs of Drug Abuse

“The Mental, Physical and Spiritual quality of life of individuals has a definite impact on a Society’s future”

A mental Expert and the Chief Nursing Officer of Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital,Yaba, Lagos-Nigeria, Mrs Veronica Ezeh has been speaking on the red alerts to watch out for in a relationship ,indicating drug abuse by a partner.

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The Mental Expert in a chat with Action Now Against Drug Abuse said available records have shown an alarming increase in violence in marriages, the bane of which sadly, is drug abuse.

She listed the signs to include but not limited to:

*Verbal Violence

*Physical Violence


*Poor Hygiene

*Blood shot eyes

*Bragging/Talking Big


* Strange behaviours; like being too quiet/ sedentary/ moody ,or hyper-active/ unnecessarily excited/ restless .

*Always penniless/Broke

  • Keeps Company with Unacceptable People/questionable character.
    • Mrs Ezeh enjoined couples in abusive relationship not to keep quiet, but seek for immediate help before the situation gets out of hand. She also appealed to Nigerians to endorse the advocacy by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency for pre-marital drug integrity tests,which she said would help to reveal the drug status of each partner and help to minimise violence in marriages.

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